Instructions for Submitting Reviews

These instructions for submitting your review can be also be downloaded here

If you have been requested to review a submission, you will find the submission listed in your Dashboard’s Tasks page, as well as in your Submissions page (in the My Assigned Submissions queue). The email request will also have a link that will direct you the submission. To begin the four-step review process, click the task (or under the Submission tab, on the submission’s title). 


Step 1: Request

The first step of the review process will provide you with the information you need to accept or decline the review request. You can review various submission details including title and description (and, depending on the review type, author information). Due dates suggested by the editor are also provided. You may click either Decline Review Request or Accept Review.


Step 2: Guidelines

All review guidelines and reference files will be available to you on Step 2 if you have accepted the request. Follow these instructions to complete your review in Step 3. You may return to this page whenever you need to during the review process.


Step 3: Download & Review

The review itself can be completed in Step 3. You can download the submission files for review; submit your review in the provided review form (required); and optionally upload files for the editor and/or author to consult, including revised versions of the original review file(s). Once you have completed your review, click the Submit Review button — but note that once you have submitted your review you will not be able to modify any aspect of it.

If you are uploading your review you may simply write “See attached” in the Review text box.


Step 4: Next Steps

The final step is an acknowledgment that the press has received your review. Your review duties are over!