Peer Review Guidelines

You are also able to download this Open SUNY Textbook Review Guide.

Thank you for your willingness to serve as Open SUNY Textbook Reviewer! This is an important role that strengthens and distinguishes the validity, effectiveness, and appropriateness of the text.

Open SUNY Textbook Reviewers provide a peer review process that is essential to creating and adopting high-quality open textbooks. Each peer reviewer serves two primary roles:

In the past, authors have found reviewer comments within the manuscript alongside a written review to be helpful. We hope you will consider this method. You will be able to upload your marked copy through our website. Alternatively, you can fill out a Reviewing Rubric to provide further comments.

The peer review process for each textbook consists of the following:

Textbook Peer Review

Read the manuscript carefully and provide constructive feedback to the author(s) and editor, honing in on key points and adding valuable perspectives & suggestions.

  1. Evaluate each chapter for the validity and educational significance of its content, including:
    • Accuracy
    • Appropriate and useful materials, including exercises and illustrations
    • Valid and significant concepts, models, and skills, etc.
    • Key elements included
  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the book as a teaching resource, including:
    • Clear description and explanation of the topics and problems
    • Materials match the learning process of the target audience
    • Clear learning objectives that are aligned with course goals and learners
    • If manuscript was used teaching with students, please describe and summarize student feedback
  1. Evaluate the book’s readability and ease of use, including:
    • Clarity, comprehensiveness (all areas and ideas of the subject appropriately covered), and a consistent writing style
    • Readability in terms of logic, sequence, and flow
    • Textbook is appropriate for target readership level
    • Interactivity and multimedia are functional and easy to follow

Public Review

At the conclusion of the peer review process, each Open SUNY Textbook Reviewer will provide a summary review (100-400 words) of the textbook. This will be published and used to distinguish the textbook to professors considering adopting the textbook for their course. Each summary should include the following elements:

  1. Please identify the intended audience or course.
  2. Does the textbook present the material thoroughly, accurately, comprehensively, logically, and effectively for its intended audience or course?
  3. What are some of the strongest areas to highlight?
  4. Reviewer should also provide a very brief bio to accompany the public review.


The Open SUNY Textbook Review Guidelines were developed thanks to the following resources: