Adopt a Textbook

Course adoption of open textbooks is an important priority of the Open SUNY Textbooks project. For most teaching faculty, there are four key considerations which go into the adoption of a particular text for their course:

There are several open textbook initiatives that provide free, high-quality open textbooks for use in courses.  For a list of textbook alternatives, visit Florida’s Open Access Textbooks Project resources page.

For Current Authors:

Help us create awareness of your Open SUNY Textbook.  Part of the adoption process is developing a marketing strategy for your textbook.  Submit your answers to our Adoption Questionnaire today.

Can I order a Desk Copy/Exam Copy?

Open SUNY Textbooks are open and online, so we do not provide free desk copies. Some of our textbooks are available in print, however, and if the text you are interested in is available for purchase, we can work with the distributor to get you a discounted rate. As of February 2015 the Open SUNY Textbooks that are available for print are:


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