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SUNY Community textbooks is a venue for SUNY faculty to share their openly licensed educational material. The work highlighted in this series have a variety of publishers, but are all:


Are you a SUNY faculty member interested in sharing your work? Here is what we can do for you!

What SUNY OER Services can provide:

What we ask of authors:

Ideally, also:

You provide source files (.docx, .xml, LaTeX)

You provide basic information about the creation of the book such as:


SUNY Community Texts

Submission form for authors submitting their open textbooks
  • Please give an overview of the subjects covered in your textbook, and what classes the text migth be used for. If applicable, please also include:

    • The level of editing done on the book
    • Any subject matter review/peer review the book has undergone, formal or informal
    • A brief description of how you used the material in your course
    • If your book is available in print, and where it can be purchased
  • Is your text available somewhere else on the web? That's great! Please share the URL where your textbook lives.