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Do you work with faculty on your campus to discover and adopt open materials? Do you want to learn more about OER and open education? We are looking for SUNY OER enthusiasts that are excited to learn about, find, and share OER.


icon_ToolsThe biggest hurdle for faculty in adopting OER is locating & evaluating appropriate material. With our catalog of SUNY-authored and SUNY-tested OER, you now have a curated collection to recommend to faculty or use yourself. Our site also supports building and creating new OER for easy remixing and authoring, and allows course delivery through your own campus’ LMS.

Other useful resources include:


Becoming a part of the OST community will allow you share what you know, and find out what other campuses are doing in open education. From aiding in simple discover (“Help I need a geography OER!”) to larger campus initiatives, connecting at OST is a great way to participate in OER scale-up across SUNY.


icon_TrainingWe are building a community of practice around OER: developing experts in OER discovery, evaluation, and advocacy. We will support the SUNY OER community through our mentorships, online resources, workshops, and webinars. 


SUNY OER Listserv

Sign up for the SUNY/CUNY OER listserv below or contact us directly at ost@geneseo.edu for updates and more information.