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For fiscal year 2017 – 2018, SUNY was given $4 million by the state of New York to implement Open Educational Resources (OER) in high-enrollment, general education courses. All SUNY campuses are eligible to receive these funds. The criteria for receipt of allocation monies are: 1) A commitment to convert a class, or classes, to OER and maintain the redesigned course for three years. 2) Develop a sustainability model for OER on your campus. 3) Share enrollment and savings data for your OER courses.

SUNY OER Services will provide support and professional development services to all committed campuses. Services are described below and professional development information is in process and available for your review.

To indicate your commitment to meeting these criteria and receiving funds, please complete the Campus OER Commitment form.

SUNY OER Services offers the following services to support your OER implementation initiative:

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