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SUNY OER Services offers full adoption support for Lumen Learning’s Candela, Waymaker, and Online Homework Manager (OHM) course materials. To get a sense of the student experience, review sample course materials as a student. Additional course offerings available when you explore our catalog will work similarly when integrated with a learning management system.

To preview in Canvas or Moodle, to request instructor access, or to inquire about additional offerings available, please fill out our request form.

Candela Course in Blackboard
Start at:
Username: sos_student1
Password: sos_student1
You can preview SOS_CS: College Success – Candela

Waymaker Courses in Blackboard
These are general demonstration sites and don’t convey the full experience of a personalized learning course.  To get a better understanding of how Waymaker works, please request a webinar through SOS.
Start at:
Log in:
User name: sos_student2
Password: sos_student2
You have multiple Waymaker courses to preview:
SOS_BIO_I_Waymaker: Demo Biology I Waymaker
SOS_CS_Waymaker: Demo College Success Waymaker
SOS_Micro_Econ_Waymaker: Demo Microeconomics Waymaker
SOS_PM: Principles of Marketing – Waymaker
 Please feel free to try the Show What You Know and graded quizzes to see what feedback is offered.

Online Homework Manager – OHM
Designed by educators, Lumen Learning’s Online Homework Manager (OHM) draws from thousands of interactive assessment questions to help students master math and other quantitative skills.
The links below provides guest access to OHM  courses. You must access one course at a time and you must log out after accessing a course before linking to another course. Please use the links provided to log back in, rather than using the login form.
Beginning/Elementary Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
College Algebra & Trig
Calculus 1 & 2