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Open Educational Resources in SUNY

The SUNY system has a strong history of openness and instructional innovation, including using OER to provide measurable impact on student success.

This year invites a large scale-up of OER thanks to the Excelsior Scholarship, which includes in its 2017-18 funding “$8 million to provide open educational resources, including e-books, to students at SUNY and CUNY colleges to help defray the prohibitive cost of textbooks.”

For fiscal year 2017 – 2018, SUNY was given $4 million by the state of New York to implement Open Educational Resources (OER) in high-enrollment, general education courses. All SUNY campuses are eligible to receive these funds. The criteria for receipt of allocation monies are:

  1. Committing to convert a class, or classes, to OER and maintain the use of OER in that course for three years.
  2. Developing a sustainability model for OER on your campus.
  3. Sharing enrollment and savings data for your OER courses.

To indicate your commitment to meeting these criteria and receiving funds, please complete the Campus OER Commitment form.


SOS provides mentoring, collaboration, technical support, and access to a broad catalog of open textbooks. We offer campuses user-friendly technology to adopt, adapt, and tailor existing OER for individual needs, as well as providing guidance for creating and distributing new materials. SOS partners with local practitioners for workshops on incorporating OER in the classroom; using and remixing content; and understanding open licensing. We help campuses work with stakeholders, such as student government organizations, to build sustainable practices around OER. We offer assessment practices to measure the change that OER brings. We connect institutions with opportunities for recognition, research, and publication related to OER.

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OER in Action

Many OER course materials are available through Candela, an editable platform that can be shared through a stand-alone website or inside an LMS.

Faculty can adopt material already available through Candela, adapt it for their unique needs, or create new content inside this platform.

Explore the SUNY OER Services Candela catalog

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The Waymaker platform combines enriched OER with personalized learning tools inside the LMS. View the following for a preview of what Waymaker provides to faculty and students across SUNY.

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Online Homework Manager (OHM) supports auto-grading of quantitative problem sets for mathematics and other subjects.

Take a look at OHM in action:

Preview an Intermediate Algebra course in OHM

Open SUNY Textbooks

Open SUNY Textbooks (OST) is the open textbook publishing program from which SUNY OER Services evolved. OST offers peer-reviewed open texts that can be immediately adopted and easily customized via the SUNY OER Services editing platform.

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We connect you with support throughout the development process, coordinate peer review, and provide access to formatting and editing services.

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The OER Framework provides assessments, best practices, and technology tools for supporting faculty to locate, adopt, and adapt OER.  Explore the benefits your campus can experience from implementing OER.

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